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50 Weight Loss Tips and Secrets

50 Weight Loss Tips and Secrets

1. Write it down: Studies have shown that simply writing down your workouts will help keep you in the gym longer and keep you progressing. Try a workout diary or log.
2. Workout with a buddy: Working out with a partner increases motivation.
3. Plan your meals out every Sunday: It will help keep you on track.
4. Progressive overload: Progressive overload is extremely important for fat burn and muscle gain.
5. Eat 6 times a day: Eating more often boosts your metabolism throughout the day.
6. Set realistic expectations: To lose weight using a proper diet and exercise plan expect to lose 1-3 pounds a week. Chances are that if you are losing more than that you're probably cheating with pills or taking some sort of diaretic.
7. Stop dieting: YOYO diets or pills are NOT good for your body, so dont do it!
8. If you're hungry at night have cereal. A recent research study concluded that people that snacked on cereal instead of their chips counterparts lost more weight.
9. FOCUS. The gym was created for working out not taking 10 minute breaks between sets.
10. Prioritize your goals: What do you want to get out of your workouts? Why not train that way. A lot of people want to bulk up and then do 130 minutes of cardio. Sit down and think out your workout in accordance to your goals. 
11. Study. Many people rely on the media to feed them information about fitness. Many fitness professionals can't stand myths about weight loss. Ie. The new fad of the a magic shaking fat loss machine.
12. Know your body: Different people need a different caloric intake, workout and motivation.
13. 90 10 rule. The 90% to 10% rule implies that you eat right 90% of the time and eat 'ok' the other 10% of the time. 
14. Limit your Negatives: Find things that are preventing you from workout out and change it..
15. You are what you eat PERIOD
16.Weigh yourself daily: I'm not saying to go crazy but just be aware of your gains and loses, it will help keep you on the track to improvement.
17. Think before you order Before you order those fries with the white bun burger, think about what you're goals are. Do you really think you'll get there eating like this?
18. Get rid of bad food The less temptation you have in your kitchen the better.
19. Use vinegar Vinegar helps regulate blood sugar levels.
20. Take a multivitamin Most people do not get nearly the varied diet that the Canada food guide recommends so do yourself a favour.
21. Take a high EPA/DHA fish oil Fish oil not only helps decrease the risk of cancer but it helps you shed fat!
22. Drink coffee: Not only does coffee help increase your body temperature but recent research suggest that coffee also helps decrease heart disease by as much as 40% (in women).
23. Drink water: Water doesn't contain fat, sugar or carbs. 
24. Drop the soda, alcohol and juices: Waste of calories.
25. Think about your portion sizes 
26. Set alarms for your workout, or snack times. The more you can remind yourself to eat right, and workout the better. 
27. SPICE Spices are uber healthy and loaded with flavour.
28. Write a self-contract a self-contract will help keep you on track
29. Look back: Look at your progress monthly and reassess.
30. Salad is available: Salad is always available at restaurants, just make sure you add the chicken, tuna and nuts to keep it packed full of nutrients.
31. Get a massage. Stress is a major reason for failed weight loss plans. 
32. Encourage yourself. a self positive outlook is a great attribute.
33. Get a personal trainer: A personal trainer is a great tool to help you stay on the right track.
34. Try a different cardio machine Sticking to the same cardio machine can wreak havoc on your muscles and actually increase the risk of injury if you try something other than that machine. 
35. Stretch daily: Stretching is important for injury prevention and overall health.
36. Drink an after workout shake: After workout shakes (protein and carbs) have been proven to help increase muscle mass more than just drinking water.
37. Ignore BMI: BMI is a good indicator for the average individual but if you're in good shape forget about it.
38. Don't workout while sick. Just wait for the cold to pass and then train hard again.
39. Try HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to burn fat. 
40. Eat more fruits and vegetables: The chances are that you're not eating enough.
41. Mood eating: Know when your body tells you to eat simple carbs/fat and prevent it.
42. Try something different: Bored of the same routine? Try cross training with a new sport. It's a great way to keep in shape and stay happy.
43. Whey Protein: Whey protein is an excellent way to keep yourself in an anabolic state (muscle growing).
44. Keep your gym close: The closer the gym is to your house the higher the chances that you'll workout. If you plan on moving, consider the closest gym.
45. Dont Overtrain: There are plenty of ways to prevent overtraining and one of them is going outside and learning a new sport.
46. Eat Quinoa: Not only is Quinoa a superfood but it contains complete protein!
47. Abs three times a week: Don't be a hero and work your abs more than that, if you're using weight (you should be) it will only overtrain them. 
48. Green Tea: This supertea is great for increasing metabolism and decreasing overall fat.
49. Imagery: Imagery is a great tool to help you complete the scheduled amount of reps and sets (You are writing your workouts down, right?!).
50. Brain: Don't forget about training your brain daily with new brain puzzles. It's fine to have a goal but don't forget about keeping your mind sharp.

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