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10 Simple Ways To Eat Less

10 Simple Ways To Eat Less

1) Drink More Water
The more water you drink, the less hungry you’ll feel. Drinking one glass of water right before each meal has been proven to help you eat less and still feel just as satisfied after the meal. Of course, drinking water between meals is a good idea too, because it helps you feel fuller and avoid unnecessary snacking.

2) Eat protein for breakfast
People love to hype breakfast eating as a miracle weight loss cure, but only breakfasts high in protein have been proven to suppress appetite and reduce subsequent eating throughout the day. Skip the waffles and head to the omelet station instead.

3) Exercise
Studies have shown that exercise releases a flood of hormones that suppress your appetite, while also reducing the production of other hormones that stimulate appetite.  Even better, a good workout releases stress and floods your brain with feel-good endorphins that boost your mood, calm anxiety, and ease feelings of depression; things that could otherwise be triggers for emotional eating.

4) Divide the food on your plate
Sometimes, the classic restaurant-eating advice to get a to-go container right away and pack half your meal before you begin to eat seems out of place—especially if you're out for a fancy meal or dining with new friends. To avoid overeating, simply mark off what you'll eat and what you'll save for later—i.e., cut off the portion of meat you'll have now, then cut it into bite-size pieces as the meal progresses. Divide that giant mountain of rice into a little "now" pile and a bigger "take home" pile. You can do this without fanfare, with a few sweeps of your knife or fork. Once you've eaten your 'now' portions, fold your napkin and put your silverware on your plate.

5) Eat three meals a day
I bet you thought eating many small meals was better than eating three bigger ones throughout the day, but the data tells us otherwise. Though skipping meals can make controlling your appetite more difficult, eating more than three meals a day has not been shown to have any benefit, and may even be worse for appetite control.

6) Eat More Frequently
A great way to eat less overall is to spread your daily calorie intake over five or six small meals rather than eating two or three large meals.  It will feel like you are eating more, but you will actually be eating less and taking in fewer calories than it seems.

7) Don’t eat from the package
Your stomach can’t count. When you can’t see how much you’re eating you’re more than a little likely to lose track and consume double or even triple the amount you’d eat if you took the time to serve yourself a proper portion. Use a plate, or a bowl, or even a napkin, just make sure you get a good visual of everything you’re going to eat before taking your first bite.

8) Eat Slowly
Eating quickly virtually guarantees that you’ll eat more because your stomach doesn’t have time to let you know it’s had enough.  When you eat slowly, taking at least 20 minutes to eat a meal, you can feel the progression from hungry to satisfied much more easily.

9) Keep baby carrots nearby while cooking
Allow yourself only tiny tastes of your stove-top or oven-ready creations, then crunch on baby carrots when you feel the need to chew on something. Or, have a glass of ice water on hand.

10) Keep Your Hands Busy
Nighttime eating while watching television is a challenge for many people.  Even if they kept their eating under control all day long, sitting in a comfortable chair or sofa and turning on their favorite television shows is often a trigger to start munching.  Keeping your hands busy is a good way to break this habit.  Activities like knitting, crocheting, needlework, painting, or even playing solitaire can help take the edge off.  If those don’t appeal to you, try playing a small hand-held game, building a toy model, or working on a puzzle.

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