Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weight Loss Plans 2014

Let’s show you the right way of weight loss. it’s a combination between Dr Oz Diet plan and exercise. it’s the way you can get a slim body and actual weight loss by developing physical activity besides healthy diet plan. 
you may heard these words ” diet & exercise ” many times before and get bored from them but you need to know that diet means just eating healthy foods and low caloric meals. you need to know too that exercise does not mean going to gem .. just be more active , do more tasks and get a lot of moves.
some people focus only on one of these two categories, focus on diet while they are not active , being active is also necessary to complete the Dr Oz weight loss program and you diet plan. as the activity make your body use over energy. this helps much more than you imagine.
for example ; make the bed , go for shopping , clean the house or any other kind of activity may help you and considered as exercise.
on the other hand, exercise must be regular act and basic part in you day , diet plans depend on repetitive exercise.
whatever what you choose to be you daily exercise, you have to achieve 150 minutes per week in moderate sort of activity with 75 minutes at least per week of vigorous aerobic activity.

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